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Good Manufacturing Practices

The GMP license is required to comply with the guidelines recommended by the Agencies, such as CFIA (Canada), USDA, and FDA (USA), which license, inspect and audit the manufacturers for producing and/or selling food, natural health products, or supplements, and OTC or active pharmaceutical products, including raw materials or ingredients, for human and animals. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are also referred to as Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) or Pre-Requisite Programs (PRP) Worldwide for Food and Pharmaceutical industries, and it has been proved to be a basic requirement for both employers and employees in these industries.
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About GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices

Designed by Industry experts, our GMP program encompasses the aspects of food and pharmaceutical manufacturing including building and maintaining the premises and equipment, sourcing and transporting raw materials, personal hygiene and training, sanitation and pest control, traceability and recall, quality control and documentation.

What you’ll gain from our GMP course:
  • Ability to work in a GMP (GAP, GHP, GLP, QMP, etc.) compliant environment;
  • Understand the principles behind the regulations and their practical application;
  • Understand the Quality Assurance/ Control in motion for GMP;
  • Knowledge of the importance of good documentation practices and record-keeping;
  • Acquire essential skills for effective SOP writing and GMP auditing and more…

Cost for 30-hour GMP course:
We offer both instructor-led and self-studying options for HACCP training.
  • Instructor-led Course: $980, with a presentation after finishing all topics.
  • Self-studying Course: $750, with 6 quizzes.
  • If the student takes both GMP and HACCP:
    • $880 each course for Instructor-led Option
    • $650 each course for Self-studying Option
Course Staff

Dr. Yao
PhD Food Science, University of Queensland, Australia
Known for his comprehensive and practical knowledge of Food Safety Legislation and Regulation (FSIS and CFIA), GMP, HACCP, SQF as well as BRC and initiated the HACCP (Food Safety) training program for the Government and the Industry as a pilot food safety program in 2003, Dr. Yao has been a recognized peer reviewer and key examiner of prestigious international professional journals such as Food Chemistry, Food Analytical Methods, Journal of Agricultural and Food Technology, Journal of Food Protection and Food Quality, and won many national science and technology gold awards. Others...

  • He finished PhD in Food Science and Technology from Queensland University.
  • He used to work as Associate Professor and Deputy Dean in Southwest University since 1998
  • He has extensive experience in the food industry in Canada. Such as, he served as RandD Manager for Palace Foods Inc. in 2002, then Corporate Quality Assurance Manager for Sure Fresh Foods in Ontario in 2003 for few years
  • He joined a private college to organize the food safety and quality assurance training as a part-time professor, and had trained thousands of professionals, which are now working in the food and pharmaceutical industries in China, Canada and many other countries, since 2004

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This course enables organizations, such as Food Manufacturers, Retailers, Distributors, Packaging or other Food related service companies to comply with Canadian Federal and Provincial Regulations.
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  • Length: 30 hours
  • Effort: 6 Lectures
  • Price: $750*
  • Institution: CCFH
  • Subject: GMP
  • Level: Basic
  • Language: English
  • Options: Self-Studying
  • Prerequisite: -

Upon the successful completion of the course, the participant will receive an official GMP certificate from Canadian College of Food and Health.

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