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Certified Holographic Bio-electric Therapist (Senior CHBT)

Bio-electric Therapy is a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Principles on meridian and modern Western Reflexology and Biotechnology including Bio-electricity Technology. And there are 3 levels: Basic CHB Therapist, Senior CHB Therapist, and Advance CHB Therapist.
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About Certified Senior Holographic Bio-electric Therapist

The critical functionality of the Bio-electric Therapy is to help open and clear the human body’s main meridians, stimulate the nerves and cells, increase the energy ‘flow’ through and between the meridians. Bio-electric Therapy also helps activate the auto-immune system, which prevents and treats illness and disease, help the body recover from injuries faster and feel better relief with less fatigue.

Main topics:
  • Nutritional Symptomatology and Pathology
  • Preventative Nutrition & Alternative / Comparative Diets
  • Bio Tens level 2
  • Bio Meridians & Acupuncture level 1

Course Staff

MD, University of Minnesota Medical School, USA
Chief Executive Officer, Heuer M.D. Research Inc. Orlando,FL,USA
Physician, Walt Disney World Resorts, Orlando, FL, USA and FAAFP

PhD, Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Ottawa, Canada
Chief Operations Officer, The Canadian Open Learning Academy, Toronto, Canada
Chief Consultant, The Behbahani Group, Mississauga, Canada

Dr. Yao
PhD Food Science, University of Queensland, Australia
President and CEO, Canadian College of Food and Health, Toronto, ON, Canada

BSc & MSc, China | MD & PhD, Germany
Lecturer, Canadian Academy of Food and Nutrition, Toronto, ON, Canada

PhD Cardiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Research Associate, Cardiovascular Research, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON, Canada
R.TCMP and R. Ac, Lijing Diabetes Center, Toronto, ON, Canada
Most of our students received 30% increase in salary right after achieved this certificate, while there are a few doubled their income when done the advance level CHBT @2020.

Chelsea98 Zoom Meeting

One of the best parts of this great course is that:

You could start this quality course at any time any where right away, whenever where you are. If any further question, just email us, and our professor or custom services are answering you ASAP.

  • Length: 40 hours
  • Effort: 7 Lectures
  • Price: $1980
  • Institution: CCFH
  • Subject: Senior CHBT (to be aligned with the Basic course content)
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Language: English
  • Options: In-Class
  • Prerequisite: Basic CHBT

Upon the successful completion of this training, the participant will achieve the Certified Senior Holographic Bio-electric Therapist certificate issued by CCFH.